Our Aim is to Save Bees

“We are all beekeepers, whether you actually have a hive or not.  Plant the right flowers in your garden and the bees will come to you.” (The London Beekeepers Association)

NEW Bee Nov 13We provide very high quality packs of seeds that have been carefully chosen to produce flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar.  These will appeal to bees (and butterflies) and bring them to your outside spaces. Whether you live in the country or the city, have a garden or a window box you can help the bees by providing them with what they need – pollen and nectar.   The bees need pollen as it provides protein for the younger bees, and they concentrate the nectar into honey in their hives.

All our seeds are insecticide and pesticide free and are a 100% UK flowering mix. We only buy from the best UK seed suppliers to make sure these are the highest quality mixes we can find.  They are an RHS Perfect for Pollinators Mix.

The seeds are easily sown – just thinly scatter the seeds over the area where you want them to grow, and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Keep them watered and they’ll grow quickly and help feed the bees.

Why is it Important to Plant Seeds for Bees?

Bees are wonderful, hard working creatures that are responsible for pollinating 70% of our favourite fruit and vegetables.

All through the warmer months the bees pollinate simply, quietly, efficiently and naturally, helping boost crop yields whether on large farms or a domestic vegetable patch.

And let’s not forget the value of their honey, or the low, intoxicating buzz of bees on a hot summer’s day as they visit hundreds of flowers to collect pollen and nectar.

brillCornfd.JPG1But they are in danger!  As you may have heard, in recent years there has been a worrying collapse in the bee population.  It’s thought that in the UK and US, bee numbers have fallen by about 50% in the last 25 years.

There are many theories about why this has happened.  Pesticides and insecticides used in intensive farming have been blamed, particularly a group called Neonicotinoids, as have parasites like the varroa mite but a very important cause is a reduction in flower-rich habitats for the bees to visit. Huge areas have been lost in the last 80 years, including 98% of wild flower meadows.

By sowing our seeds you’ll be helping to reverse this by growing the valuable wild flowers that bees will love. Plus you’ll be making your surroundings more beautiful too!

Our packs also make perfect gifts to pop in a card for any occasion – you can see all our products by clicking here so pick up a pack or two today and let’s all help save the bees.


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We have created new style packet beautifully illustrated by Vicky Ellis (Bee) and Pip Hope (Butterfly). These are available as standard packs with the quote or as bespoke packs.  

You can see our new products by clicking here


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